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Monday, December 9, 2013

Big Ass Bun

Hey guys,

I think I officially have a huge bun!!! 

Bella Joya

Up-do on Stretched Natural Hair

Hey Guys,

I had my hair in a ponytails for a couple of days and when I eventually took my hair down I had mostly stretched, except for a few sections at the top.

I decided to do a quick up-do and here is what I came up with.



Bella Joya

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Introducing the Roots Don't lie Hair and Body Products Line

Hey guys,


After months and months of lots of work and research and deadline I finally present to you the Roots Don't Lie Products line.

Roots Don't Lie is a luxury hair and body products line. All our products are made from plants and fruits nuts and oils. These products are specially created for customers who want products that are free from chemicals, parabens, mineral oils, sulfates, and other harsh ingredients. Our products are made from quality ingredients and hand crafted in small batches.

Our products include :

Herb infused Hair oil

Lavender Lemon light oil

Herbal conditioning hair rinse

Cocoa Butter Medley

Whipped Shea butter

Triple Butter Soufflé


Visit our website www.rootsdontlie.storenvy.com

The entire product line

The entire product line

Herbal Hair Oil

Triple Butter Soufflé

Triple Butter Soufflé

Cocoa Butter Medley

Hair Conditioning Rinse

Whipped Shea Butter

Lavender/Lemon Oil
For more information check out the store rootsdontlie.storenvy.com, or just click in the link at the top of the page that takes your directly to the store.



Bella Joya

Monday, November 4, 2013

3LRCHALLENGE: Product Review: Belle Butters Unyevu Butter

Hey Guys,

I heard about this product like from Hey Fran Hey on YouTube, and let’s just I found the best body butter ever made. Here are a few details about the product:

Unyevu (oon-yay-vu) is Swahili for moisture.

This awesome butter is filled with ingredients that will help promote moisturized skin, flexible skin and healthier hair.

I used a super combo of butters: Shea, mango and avocado. I then added neem oil which helps relieved an irritated scalp thickens hair and removes dandruff. Apricot kernel oil is rich in vitamins A and E and sunflower oil retains moisture and is an emollient for the skin.

The neem oil in this butter has a very nutty scent, paired with the fragrance oil used; the overall smell is earthy, a little musky and ending with amber.

Default price is for 4oz

4oz., $14, and 16oz is $26

Ingredients: Shea butter, raw pressed mango butter, refined avocado butter, apricot kernel oil, neem oil, sunflower oil, fragrance, vitamin E (preservative)


·         This butter is a super light and rich moisturizing butter

·         It smells heavenly, I can’t get enough of the smell

·         It works wonders on dry skin.

·         It is not greasy, and easily absorbs into the skin

·         It can be used on both the hair and body, I use it just on my body because I can just sit and smell my body all day. Lol no seriously I love the smell

·         Helps soothe itchy skin

·         A permanent member of my body products as long as it is produced.


·         It is pricey


Final Thoughts:

I absolutely love this product. It is very moisturizing, smells divine, and although it is a bit on the pricey side a little goes a long way. I will definitely be re-purchasing once I run out, and I’ll probably use this product as long as it is being produced. I definitely recommend this product. Tasha, the owner, also has a range of skin and hair care products so be sure to check out her website, and enjoy.


Bella Joya


Hey guys,

We finally made it to the end of the 3 month protective style challenge, and I for one am very excited to get back to wearing my hair out. The weird thing is that I have gotten so used to my hair being in protective style that now all I can think of is er…… what do I do to my hair??? (Insert confused face / a feeling of doom and confusion). I am very eager however to get back to playing with my hair and experimenting and all that goo hair goodness. The protective style challenge was great for me and as much as I am excited I don’t think I retained as much length as I would have liked to retain but I reckon its more an experience and a lesson on patience and learning how to take care of my hair.

Highlights of the 3 month

·         I discovered a new go to hairstyle, loose twists, I love them and these will probably replace my mini twists

·         I got to experiment with styling my hair, up-dos and buns

·         Although I was super busy with work and a bunch of things I have going on I found time to train for my run and I completed my first half marathon!!!! Whoop I am excited for the next one

·         I drank a lot of water and I ate healthy with the occasional cheat means

·         I joined a friend’s push up challenge and completed 1,000 push-ups during the month of October.

·         I was busy at work ,and the protective styles were a life saver.  


·         I did horrible with moisturizing, hides face, I actually went 2 weeks without putting water on my hair, I mean who does that.,, I have to do better

·         I did not try out as many new products as I thought I would mostly because I wasn’t washing my hair as often, and when I did wash my hair, I was testing out my own hair products

·         I missed playing in my hair a few times
·         I stopped taking the multi-vitamins after a couple of weeks, I had a lot going on and I wasn’t exercising as much as I wanted.

Here are the after pictures as well as comparison.


Left side is before, right side is after; this is where all the lenght retention happened it seems.

Left side is before, right side is after

Left side is before, right side is after, I almost dont see a difference but its actually there..lol

Left side is before, right side is after, it doesnt look like much growth.. oh well

Left side is before, right side is after; i dont see a difference in the back which is very strange because my back usually grows faster than the front

Left side is before, right side is after


Left side is before, right side is after
After comparing my before and after pictures, I realized my hair was not as stretched out in the after pictures as it was in the before pictures so it’s likely that’s why it appears I did not retain as much length. I thought I would be disappointed if I did not retain as much length but I realized it doesn’t really matter to me. In the end what matters was that I was able to learn more about my hair, take better care of it, and also commit to something and see it through till the end. I am already looking forward to the next 3LRCHALLENGE.

What was your 3LRCHALLENEG experience like? What were some of your high points and low points?
To see Tega’s final thoughts on the challenge, make sure to check out her reflection post
Bella Joya

3LRCHALLENGE: Favorite Leave-in Conditioners, and home made deep conditioner

Hey Guys,

Here are a list of my favorite leave-in conditioners

1.       Curl Junkie ’curl assurance smoothing lotion’ conditioner

2.       Eden body works peppermint leave in conditioner

3.       Tukka Naturals ‘Koko du lait’ leave in conditioner

4.       Karen’s body beautiful ‘sweet ambrosia’  leave in conditioner 
Check out my post on my favorite home made deep conditioner recipe here

Bella Joya

Thursday, October 3, 2013


The Weekly Give away winners for the month of September are:
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  2. @bailarparati
  3. @princesslush
  4. @eneni
Send us an email to  hairchallenge@live.com with your contact information to claim your prizes.

Make sure to follow us @3lrchallenge.
To find out the September Monthly Giveaway Winner check the link here


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A Quick Guide to Understanding Portion Control
Portion control in relation to food intake refers to understanding how much food is being consumed in a meal as well as nutrition information, and benefits provided by the foods being consumed. Portion control is usually seen as important for weight management because it incorporates eating a healthy balance of different food types, and balancing extreme over eating and extreme under eating.


1.       Each meal should have fruits, veggies, protein and then carbs. So split your plate into half and fill that half with fruits and veggies, and then the other half should be split into two quarters, one for protein and one for carbs. For example, potatoes in one quarter, steak in another quarter and then half filled with fruits and a salad.

2.       Try not to skip out on meals, because what happens is when you skip out on meals we tend to over eat when we are starving. Eat a minimum of 3 meals a day, and you can incorporate healthy snacks in between meals.

3.       Most adults need only about 2000 calories a day so try to keep an eye out on the calories in each meal so you know what food items are higher in calories.

4.       It is better to consume 100 calories of fruits and veggies than it is to consume 100 calories of pastry. You don’t want to fill yourself up with unhealthy and empty calories.

5.       Use smaller plates, we are more likely to fill up a big plate and eat all the food on it, so if the plate is smaller we end up eating less

6.       Incorporate a variety of different food into your meals so you don’t get bored.

7.       The more colorful your plate the more beneficial it is

8.       Drink water while eating, as it tends to make for full and you are less likely to go back for a second plate

9.       Avoid eating out a of box or bag, and instead measure out servings onto a plate, that way you only eat what is on the plate as opposed to over eating from the bag

10.   When you do treat yourself to ice cream or chips try to limit your indulgence to one serving (the containers will list what one serving is)

Handy-Dandy Portion size Chart

Note: I am not a health expert but merely sharing tips and ideas. Make sure that if you do adapt any of these into your lifestyle you consult a doctor or a health professional to ensure you are adapting these correctly into your lifestyle.

Be sure to check out any missed posts and Tega’s blog for more health and beauty tips.


Bella Joya



Hey Guys,

Say hello to toned and scuplted legs with these leg workout variations. Try one, or try all of them

Set 1

2*10 jump squats

2*10 lunges

2*10 burpees

2*10 squats

50 jumping jacks

(Repeat 2x)

Set 2

2*20 duck squats

2*20 knee highs

2*20 walking lunges

2*30 second wall sits

50 knee highs

(Repeat 2x)

Set 3

2* 10 box jumps

2*10 sumo squats

2*10 calf raises

2*10 plank lifts

50 lunge knee hops

Plank Lift
Feel free to adjust or modify this to your fitness level, and make sure to grab a friend to help you stay motivated and keep exercise exciting


Bella Joya