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Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hey Guys,

Say hello to toned and scuplted legs with these leg workout variations. Try one, or try all of them

Set 1

2*10 jump squats

2*10 lunges

2*10 burpees

2*10 squats

50 jumping jacks

(Repeat 2x)

Set 2

2*20 duck squats

2*20 knee highs

2*20 walking lunges

2*30 second wall sits

50 knee highs

(Repeat 2x)

Set 3

2* 10 box jumps

2*10 sumo squats

2*10 calf raises

2*10 plank lifts

50 lunge knee hops

Plank Lift
Feel free to adjust or modify this to your fitness level, and make sure to grab a friend to help you stay motivated and keep exercise exciting


Bella Joya

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