I am just trying to understand my hair, to learn what works and what doesn't, to experiment, make mistakes, and to embrace my hair in it's entirety..... because Roots Don't Lie

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Up-do on Stretched Natural Hair

Hey Guys,

I had my hair in a ponytails for a couple of days and when I eventually took my hair down I had mostly stretched, except for a few sections at the top.

I decided to do a quick up-do and here is what I came up with.



Bella Joya


  1. Awwww the hairstyle is so beautiful. And the pictures are cute too.stumbled upon your blog by chance and I sure will be sticking around.

  2. Hey J! Nice hairdo... Love its natural nature.. I must say you have quite a healthy hair. How do you keep it up? Wanna go natural... Nice blog by the way...

    1. Thanks a lot.. i have a couple of posts about my hair regimen and what i do . look through the 3lr challenge for some helpful posts

  3. Bella joya is back!!!! Yayyyy!!! Your number one fan, Chizitere