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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Twist-Out Using Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk Line

Hey Guys,

After seeing a video review by  Meechy Monroe on this product line, I knew I had to get my hands on it to try it for myself. My hair is really thick and thrives on products with a Shea butter base so I was a bit skeptical about this product after seeing how light it was, and not at all like anything I had ever used before, but I gave it a go.

I washed my hair using a nature's gate shampoo (I don't remember the exact name but I got it from Central Market) and I used the Hair Milk original leave-in conditioner and Hair Milk Pudding.
I parted my hair in 6 sections, and working one section at a time, I applied the leave-in and then parted into smaller sections, applied the pudding and twisted.

Here are the results.

I think the results are good.

I will try and stretch this hairstyle out as much as possible. Stay tuned for more pictures.


Bella JOya

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

De-Tangling Made Easy

Hey Guys,

I find that one thing that makes the thought of growing natural hair a bit daunting is this whole de-tangling business. When I first went natural, I did not have a clue what it meant to de-tangle, and I thought it was this long detailed process that was supposed to take hours. I guess if your hair is a lot longer then it might take a while but I figured a way to make it a quick and easy process for myself.

De-Tangling on Wet Hair

  • A spray bottle with water, or a mix of water and a cheap conditioner
  • A wide tooth comb
  • Hair clips
  • Denman or Tangle Teaser
  1. I part my hair into 6 sections, using my fingers, (2 in the back, 3 in the front, and one in the middle/top of my head) and clip away each section with a hair clip
  2. I start one section at a time, saturate the section with water/ mix and smooth through your hair
  3. Gather the section, and then gently start combing, with the wide-tooth comb, from the ends of the hair to the roots (scalp).
  4. I go through a second time with my denman, to make sure I get all the shed hair out.
  5. I twist each section once I am done, and move on to the next section, till I am done with all 6 sections.
If I find that my hair is too tangled, I may split each section into 2 smaller sections, to make the work a little easier.

NOTE: I do not finger de-tangle my wet hair. I have tried, and lets just say I had a head ache and I still had to go back and use my comb after. However this is just for me, your hair type may be different and finger de-tangling may work. Don't be afraid to try it out.

PS: I plan to make a video on how I de-tangle, stay tuned for that.
I am also on instagram @Bellajoya.


Bella Joya

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Protective Styling: "Box Braids"

Hey Guys,

I decided to put my hair in box braids because got tired of dealing with my hair. I used 1 and a half pack of 'Expression Braiding Hair'. It took me about 15 hours to get them done, so I knew  wanted to keep them in for at least a month. I got a little tired by the time I got to the front so they are not as neat as I would like them to be. I decided i would re-do the front after about 2 week, but I got so busy I ended up leaving them the entire 5 weeks. I also thought I would wash my hair at least once during the month but I never got around to it..

To maintain my braids I moisturized with either my leave in conditioner mix, or just plan water and then I sealed with oil and allowed it to air dry.

Here are a few pictures of the various ways I wore my hair.

PS: Usually I don't keep in extensions or protective styles for long because they start to itch but for some reason (which I am yet to figure out), I was able to keep these braids in for about 5 weeks, and I experienced very little itching/ scalp irritation. I will have to look into this again to figure out exactly what I did so I can stick to it.



Bella Joya