I am just trying to understand my hair, to learn what works and what doesn't, to experiment, make mistakes, and to embrace my hair in it's entirety..... because Roots Don't Lie

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Salon Experience

Hey Guys,

So from the last blog post I mentioned I wanted to change things up with my hair.. so after the blowout.. I did not do much to preserve it and by the next day it looked like a wretched mop. I tamed it down in a bun on my night out with my girls...

I got motivated and I needed a trim, and I decided to dye my hair.  My girl Alex over at the good hair blog had her hair done at Aveda so I decided to try the one here in Houston. I had not been to a salon in over 5 years (my big chop doesn't count because all I did was get a hair cut), so I was super nervous.. but it ended up being a good experience.

Ill let the pictures tell you the story



Trimmed and all good

Alas my hair frizzed up faster than I could say Jack!!

Frizz galore

I tried to salvage the hair by using some flexi rods to set my hair..

I like the bouncy curls I got from the flexi rods!!!! And the body!!! is amazing !!!!.
Next stop!! Colored hair

Bella Joya

Hair Update

Hey Guys,

A quick look at what has been going on with my hair

Over thanksgiving holiday I decided to do something different with my hair. I took down my twists ... whew!! that was a challenge but I did it anyways and that's that. I was going to try a roller set, because I wanted to see how long my hair had gotten.. and just see it looking different. Let's just say it was a lot harder than it looked.. I got frustrated and just decided to blow my hair out.

Here are the results..

I love love love having big hair..lol.. my ends however are raggedy!!!!
I loved the big look but I got motivated and decided to try something different


Bella Joya

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Natural Crush: "Houston"

I ran into these ladies at a birthday dinner... I had to get their pictures...



Bella Joya

Razor Thin Mini Twists

Hey Guys,

Just a quick update on what has been going on with my hair.
I put them in this ridiculous super duper mini twists. I have had them in for a week now, and I hope to keep them in till the first week in December.

Here are some pictures...

For the entire first week I wore them pulled back like this....

Taking them down is going to be a nightmare.. oh Help me!!
Till then I'll keep you posted on the various looks

Bella Joya

Natural Me: "Halima"

·         What is your name and where are you from?
Halima Bepo. I’m from Nigeria

·         How long have you been natural or transitioned
I have been natural since 2007.  

·         Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are in your life 
Madam this is a difficult question o. I’m a Management and logistics graduate (wears educated woman badge lol). I’m a professional make-up artist and youth corper. I love watching documentaries (it’s the only time I watch TV). I love travelling and spending a lot of time with my family.

·         Why did you decide to go natural?
I went natural for one reason….my hair / scalp could not stand a relaxer #fullstop.

·         What are some of your favorite Hair products
I love Giovanni’s tea tree peppermint shampoo, desert essence coconut conditioner (smells so yummy), and I’m a big fan of ayurvedic herbs like: Amla powder, Tulsi powder, Brahmi powder etc. Sapote oil , oyinhandmade juices and berries leave in spray and burnt sugar pomade.

·         What is your current hair regimen 
I wash weekly now because it’s the only way I can handle my dry scalp.
Shampoo: Giovanni tea tree peppermint shampoo 2x
Condition: desert essence coconut conditioner or Giovanni deep moisture conditioner.
Moisturize: Oyinhandmade-burnt sugar pomade on both scalp and hair
Daily routine: spray oyinhandmade juices and berries, finger comb and put in a bun ( I wear a scarf 98% of the time so my hair is hardly styled) .

·         What is the toughest challenge you have had to face with your natural hair?
My toughest challenge would have to be the length of my hair. I have never been a fan of my hair long and I get scissor happy. I have to cut my hair every 3 months because it becomes too hard and time consuming to wash. But so far I have not cut my hair since MAY because I’m trying to win the gift my mum promised me if I do not cut my hair for a year #phew.

·         Do you foresee any changes to your hair?
At the moment none, I’m very simple when it comes to my hair and Bella Joya knows that. I will leave the funky cute hair for her.

·         Words of advice for natural out there.
Keep it simple…the natural hair community
 is growing at an alarming rate and everyone is coming out with different lotion and potions. Keeping it simple makes the journey simple, understand your hair and learn to work with it. We are all individuals never compare your hair to another lady’s hair.

·         Where can we find you?

@pwettybambi (twitter)
Note: Miss Halima does some amazing things with make-up, I myself stay watching her videos to learn what I can on make-up. 

Hope you Enjoyed:


Bella Joya