I am just trying to understand my hair, to learn what works and what doesn't, to experiment, make mistakes, and to embrace my hair in it's entirety..... because Roots Don't Lie

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Video: Realistic Hair Expectations

Hey Guys,

I recorded a video just sharing my experiences on my natural hair, and what I have learned to accept about its capabilities. Sometimes understanding what your hair can do, and being comfortable with it is usually what separates someone who hates their hair and someone who grows to love their natural hair.

Check out my YouTube channel. www.youtube.com/bellojoya for more videos.
Bella Joya

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Product Trial Group April 2013 "Oyin Handmade Leave-in Conditioner"

Hey Guys,

Here is a video for the April Product Trial Group. Look out for more reviews for the April Trial group during the week. Thanks for watching.

YouTube: YouTube.com/bellojoya
Instagram: @rootsdontlie


Bella Joya

Friday, April 26, 2013

Big Chop Inspiration: "Shameless Maya"

Hey Guys,

I just had to share this with you all. One of my favorite Youtubers ShamelessMaya decided to cut off her gorgeous locks.. yes.. Check out her inspiring videos below where she explains why she decided to cut off her hair, and also a video of her actually cutting off her hair.

Follow her on Instagram @mayasworld to learn more about her and her journey..

Maya explains why she is shaving her hair off



Bella Joya

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Week in Hair pictures

Hey Guys,

Somehow I found a way to wear my hair in 5 different ways this week. I blame the temperamental weather in Houston!! But it was great wearing my hair out and seeing how much it could change in a short time period. It was also my 3 years since my BC on April 17, 2013, I plan on doing a length check video but otherwise all is well in hair world. I have been trying out a couple of products so stay tuned for product reviews.

I started off leaving for work on Monday with this gorgeous twist out:

2 hours later into my work day.. and it was this puffed up swollen thing.. Thank you Houston.

Before and After
So when I got home that night.. I moisturized my hair, smoothed down with some hair gel and put in two low braids, and wore till Friday night.

Friday night.. I took down the braids, fluffed the heck out of my hair..dealt with some flaking but overall made it work..

Make-up game on point.. yeah?

All the hair gel I used on Monday night, as well as the products I was trying out over the weekend left my hair feeling yucky and nasty so Saturday I did a quick co-wash, and  set my hair in twists.. alas my hair was not dry in time to make it to a Houston Roller Derby game with my friend.. so I threw on a wig.. and took off for the afternoon.

Saturday night twist-out for a friends party was a hit!!! I mean awesome twist-out and hands down the best first day twist-out I have had in ages.. I definitely have to try this again

Alas Saturday nights activities did not allow time to re twist so I pulled my hair up in a puff and headed to a craw-fish boil on Sunday with my co-workers.

I had a great week both in fun activities, and hair week...
Look out for my 3- year length check video, and stay tuned for the April Product Trial Group review.
Bella Joya

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Twists In pictures

Hey guys,

I got busy at work so I decided to put my hair in twists so I could spend less time on it. I had the twists in for a total of 2 weeks before taking them out. Twists are a great way to protect the hair, and there is little manipulation so the hair stays protected. Twists are also easy to moisturize and can be style the same way as loose hair. Here are a few different ways I wore my twists. I realize now that the first pictures I took of my twists were after I washed them so they are a tad frizzy.

I wore it in a low side ponytail

Loose twists

Halo -Updo.. this was a favorite

I plan on getting these re-installed in another 2 weeks... They are just so easy to maintain and can be styled in so many different ways.
For more pictures check out my instagram page @bellajoya, and also follow Roots Don't Lie on instagram @rootsdontlie
Thanks for reading
Bella Joya

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Liebster Award Courtesy of "The Relentless Builder"

Hey Guys,

I was recently nominated for the Liebster award by the lovely The Relentless Builder. This is my first one so a big shout-out to her. I think it's a fun way to let you all know more about me and mostly just fun.

The Rules (a.k.a "The Catch")

1. Thank and link back to the giver
2. Answer the giver's questions
3. Nominate 5 other blogger with fewer than 200 followers
4. Ask 5 questions for the nominees to answer
5. Post it on your blog

Questions from The Relentless Builder:

1. Who is one person you'd like to meet and why?

I guess I would like to meet Jay Z. He is an amazing business man and I would love to just hear from him and learn form his life experiences.

2. What was your fantasy *dream job* as a child?

LOL I currently have my childhood dream job which was to be an accountant. Although now that I am older there are a ton of other jobs I would love to do. So how about whats my fantasy *adult job* lol.

3. Place in order of priority - Husband/Wife, Children, Father, Mother, Best Friend, Work, Church.

heheheheheheheh I see what y'all did here. I am just going to put God on here and let the rest scramble for second place and such. (I wonder where food is on this list)

4. Have you ever been broken-hearted? When and How?

Yes every time I see a cracked iPhone screen. Real heart wrenching

5. Let's dream a little .... Describe your ideal other half and how he will pop /popped the question

I nominate the following awesome bloggers:

I Bake Therefore I am

My Questions for the nominees are the same as the ones I answered:

1. Who is one person you'd like to meet and why?
2. What was your fantasy *dream job* as a child?
3. Place in order of priority - Husband/Wife, Children, Father, Mother, Best Friend, Work, Church.
4. Have you ever been broken-hearted? When and How?
5. Let's dream a little.... Describe your ideal other half and how he will pop /popped the question


Monday, April 1, 2013

Grecian Halo Up-do

Hey guys,

I decided to try out a hair style that I tried once when I had straightened hair! It was inspired by Laila aka Fusion of Cultures. It took me two attempts to get this hair style, still not entirely sold on it but yeah it had to do :

Take 1:

Take 2:
The second night I re-did it to make it a bit more even, but as you can see the parts are horrible, and it could be done better.. and yes I wore this to work for two day.lol

Take two was neater, and a lot better than take one. I think next time I'll try and make my flat twists loose, so that they cover the parts.
My hair is back in mini twists protective styles. I will be putting up some of the various hairstyles I try while I have them in.
Bella Joya