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Monday, November 4, 2013


Hey guys,

We finally made it to the end of the 3 month protective style challenge, and I for one am very excited to get back to wearing my hair out. The weird thing is that I have gotten so used to my hair being in protective style that now all I can think of is er…… what do I do to my hair??? (Insert confused face / a feeling of doom and confusion). I am very eager however to get back to playing with my hair and experimenting and all that goo hair goodness. The protective style challenge was great for me and as much as I am excited I don’t think I retained as much length as I would have liked to retain but I reckon its more an experience and a lesson on patience and learning how to take care of my hair.

Highlights of the 3 month

·         I discovered a new go to hairstyle, loose twists, I love them and these will probably replace my mini twists

·         I got to experiment with styling my hair, up-dos and buns

·         Although I was super busy with work and a bunch of things I have going on I found time to train for my run and I completed my first half marathon!!!! Whoop I am excited for the next one

·         I drank a lot of water and I ate healthy with the occasional cheat means

·         I joined a friend’s push up challenge and completed 1,000 push-ups during the month of October.

·         I was busy at work ,and the protective styles were a life saver.  


·         I did horrible with moisturizing, hides face, I actually went 2 weeks without putting water on my hair, I mean who does that.,, I have to do better

·         I did not try out as many new products as I thought I would mostly because I wasn’t washing my hair as often, and when I did wash my hair, I was testing out my own hair products

·         I missed playing in my hair a few times
·         I stopped taking the multi-vitamins after a couple of weeks, I had a lot going on and I wasn’t exercising as much as I wanted.

Here are the after pictures as well as comparison.


Left side is before, right side is after; this is where all the lenght retention happened it seems.

Left side is before, right side is after

Left side is before, right side is after, I almost dont see a difference but its actually there..lol

Left side is before, right side is after, it doesnt look like much growth.. oh well

Left side is before, right side is after; i dont see a difference in the back which is very strange because my back usually grows faster than the front

Left side is before, right side is after


Left side is before, right side is after
After comparing my before and after pictures, I realized my hair was not as stretched out in the after pictures as it was in the before pictures so it’s likely that’s why it appears I did not retain as much length. I thought I would be disappointed if I did not retain as much length but I realized it doesn’t really matter to me. In the end what matters was that I was able to learn more about my hair, take better care of it, and also commit to something and see it through till the end. I am already looking forward to the next 3LRCHALLENGE.

What was your 3LRCHALLENEG experience like? What were some of your high points and low points?
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Bella Joya

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