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Thursday, October 3, 2013


A Quick Guide to Understanding Portion Control
Portion control in relation to food intake refers to understanding how much food is being consumed in a meal as well as nutrition information, and benefits provided by the foods being consumed. Portion control is usually seen as important for weight management because it incorporates eating a healthy balance of different food types, and balancing extreme over eating and extreme under eating.


1.       Each meal should have fruits, veggies, protein and then carbs. So split your plate into half and fill that half with fruits and veggies, and then the other half should be split into two quarters, one for protein and one for carbs. For example, potatoes in one quarter, steak in another quarter and then half filled with fruits and a salad.

2.       Try not to skip out on meals, because what happens is when you skip out on meals we tend to over eat when we are starving. Eat a minimum of 3 meals a day, and you can incorporate healthy snacks in between meals.

3.       Most adults need only about 2000 calories a day so try to keep an eye out on the calories in each meal so you know what food items are higher in calories.

4.       It is better to consume 100 calories of fruits and veggies than it is to consume 100 calories of pastry. You don’t want to fill yourself up with unhealthy and empty calories.

5.       Use smaller plates, we are more likely to fill up a big plate and eat all the food on it, so if the plate is smaller we end up eating less

6.       Incorporate a variety of different food into your meals so you don’t get bored.

7.       The more colorful your plate the more beneficial it is

8.       Drink water while eating, as it tends to make for full and you are less likely to go back for a second plate

9.       Avoid eating out a of box or bag, and instead measure out servings onto a plate, that way you only eat what is on the plate as opposed to over eating from the bag

10.   When you do treat yourself to ice cream or chips try to limit your indulgence to one serving (the containers will list what one serving is)

Handy-Dandy Portion size Chart

Note: I am not a health expert but merely sharing tips and ideas. Make sure that if you do adapt any of these into your lifestyle you consult a doctor or a health professional to ensure you are adapting these correctly into your lifestyle.

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