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Monday, November 4, 2013

3LRCHALLENGE: Product Review: Belle Butters Unyevu Butter

Hey Guys,

I heard about this product like from Hey Fran Hey on YouTube, and let’s just I found the best body butter ever made. Here are a few details about the product:

Unyevu (oon-yay-vu) is Swahili for moisture.

This awesome butter is filled with ingredients that will help promote moisturized skin, flexible skin and healthier hair.

I used a super combo of butters: Shea, mango and avocado. I then added neem oil which helps relieved an irritated scalp thickens hair and removes dandruff. Apricot kernel oil is rich in vitamins A and E and sunflower oil retains moisture and is an emollient for the skin.

The neem oil in this butter has a very nutty scent, paired with the fragrance oil used; the overall smell is earthy, a little musky and ending with amber.

Default price is for 4oz

4oz., $14, and 16oz is $26

Ingredients: Shea butter, raw pressed mango butter, refined avocado butter, apricot kernel oil, neem oil, sunflower oil, fragrance, vitamin E (preservative)


·         This butter is a super light and rich moisturizing butter

·         It smells heavenly, I can’t get enough of the smell

·         It works wonders on dry skin.

·         It is not greasy, and easily absorbs into the skin

·         It can be used on both the hair and body, I use it just on my body because I can just sit and smell my body all day. Lol no seriously I love the smell

·         Helps soothe itchy skin

·         A permanent member of my body products as long as it is produced.


·         It is pricey


Final Thoughts:

I absolutely love this product. It is very moisturizing, smells divine, and although it is a bit on the pricey side a little goes a long way. I will definitely be re-purchasing once I run out, and I’ll probably use this product as long as it is being produced. I definitely recommend this product. Tasha, the owner, also has a range of skin and hair care products so be sure to check out her website, and enjoy.


Bella Joya

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