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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wash-N- Go Fail

Hey guys,

I decided to explore the world of Wash-n-go's and let's just say... my hair refused to wash and go.  I had watched a ton of youtube videos and I was certain I had got the hang of this whole wash-n-go business but it did not turn out the way I expected...

Tools I Used:

  • Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie
  • Shea moisture balancing conditioner
  • Eco-Styler Hair gel
  • My spray bottle with water, olive oil and peppermint oil
  • Wide tooth comb for detangling
  • Smaller tooth comb for smoothing out the hair

The Styling:
I started out on freshly co-washed hair.

I parted my hair into 5 sections one in the back, two on either side, and two on top.
I made sure each section was wet and I used the spray bottle to re-wet as needed
I applied some of the Shea moisture balancing conditioner, as my leave-in.
Then I parted out smaller sections and worked a little bit of the curl enhancing smoothie on each section.
I followed with the Eco-styler gel and smoothed it through the hair to make sure I applied the product thoroughly.

The Good Part:
  1. I got super super defined curls, that I never even knew existed on my head !!!! 

  1. Major major major shrinkage, which I actually don't mind
  2. My hair was not super crunchy as it was the last time i tried a wash and go, but I know the curl enhancing smoothie helped to reduce the crunch.

The Bad Part :(

I styled my hair at night and put on a plastic cap expecting it to be dry sometime early the next day...... UH!!!!! I woke up in the morning my hair was almost still soaking wet, and even by 5pm the next day my hair was still wet :(

My hair was filled with white clumpy stuff that was not even cute.. at all...

Some parts just came out all mis-shaped and just ughh!!

    Next Time: 

    1. I will probably use just the curl enhancing smoothie
    2. I will also probably go easy on the Eco-styler ( I may have been a little bit heavy handed with it)
    3. Maybe use a blow-dryer to quicken the drying process.
    Anyways guys, I will probably try another wash-n-go real soon and hopefully it turns out better this time.

    If you have any tips on how I can get a more successful wash-n-go style next time please leave your comments or just share your own wash-n-go experiences..

    Bella Joya


    1. im so happy you made this post!! been wanting to try a wash and go but i was afraid i would experience the white flakes, i heard its best to test a little section of your hair with your moisturizer and eco styler to make sure they don't make those white flakes, also try just leave in conditioner and eco styler

      I want kinky curly curling custard but its too damn expensive

      Thanks again for this post it was on point

    2. Glad you enjoyed the post... n yes Kinky curl curling custard is too darn expensive...I don't even really want to try it.
      Will make sure to do the testing first next time and also just use a leave in.

    3. aha , even with my really tiny afro , i had this same problem , then one day out of laziness i found a way , after washing my hair and all that stuff , i wait for it to dry , when its dry i apply the eco styler gel , works great and turns out great , you can spritz a little water , very tiny , eco styler gel is the only thing ive tried tho.

    4. I never thought to do a wash-n-go on dry hair.. always assumed that you can only define your curls if you style your hair when wet..
      I tried eco-styler once alone and it left my hair crunchy, nasky and yucky!!!