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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Natural Hair Essentials

Hey Guys,
A quick posts on some of the tools that I cannot do without. These are the tools that I find absolutely necessary for taking care of my hair.

Wide Tooth Comb:
I find that with a smaller tooth comb, it is harder to get tangles out of my hair. A wide-tooth comb is easier on the hair, puts less strain on the hair strands, and glides more easily through my hair.

Satin scarf or Bonnet:
This will help protect your hair strands at night when you sleep. The satin is a smoother fabric and is less likely to snag your curly hair. Less friction equals less hair breakage, and tangles. I have at least 5 of these in different colors, the are really affordable, come in different forms, and also help preserve a hairstyle.

Satin Bonnet

Hair Pins/ Bobby Pins:
I use these to pin up my twists, and to hold back my hair in different styles. I prefer these to bobby pins, (the pins with closed ends) because they don't pull on my hair as much. Bobby pins however, do hold up longer and can keep more hair in place. Either one is fine.

Hair Pins

Bobby Pins

Spray Bottle:
I have a lot of these and I use them for whatever moisturizing mix tickles my fancy. I always have one in my purse, can't be walking around with thirsty hair lol. My current spray bottle has water, olive oil, and glycerin.

Spray Bottle

 Hair Section Clips:
I use this to section my hair off into smaller parts while I am washing, detangling, conditioning, or styling. They help keep my hair separated, which allows for easier manipulations and less tangles. 

Hair Section Clips

There are a host of other tools out there that help in taking care of your hair. Please share which hair tools you cannot do without.

Hope you enjoyed

Bella Joya