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Monday, May 9, 2011

We Got A Hair Situation !!!!!! Code RED

Hey Guys,

I was a chirpy little bird going around my day all happy with pollinating my way around the world when I had a rude awakening... fast forward back to human life and I was holding up some of my shed hair to make sure it was not breaking or anything when I saw them... SPLIT ENDS!!!! and they were everywhere.....
I almost  had a freak-out session.... so so sad.. but eventually I decided to take action and just get rid of all the split ends. No point in keeping them  because they will just keep on splitting and stay raggedy..

I guess it is understandable as I have not had so much as a trim in over a year. Even when my hair was relaxed, I got a trim at least twice a year so I just may have brought this on myself :(
My hair stylists lives far far away and I was not sure I would get a chance to see her anytime soon. So I decided that I would go ahead and just give myself a trim.. (Insert OH LAWDY LAWDY LORD face here).

One of my favourite youtuber Naptural85 has this amazing tutorial on How To Trim Your Own Hair  so I watched it and tried my best to re-do what she did.


I ended up taking off about an inch in some places and even more in other places ...YIKES!!!!! It is definitely  not uniform, but I hope that I at least got most of the split ends off


My ends feel soo much smoother, and not as raggedy and ugly as before...
Hopefully I would be able to pay my hair stylist a visit soon and she can probably help fix my now jacked up hair shape... lol

Bella Joya


  1. every time I try to do my hair myself end up screwing it up!! you've done a great job!