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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

These Roots of Mine

So after my first post I started thinking about what the next post was going to be on. I mean there is soo much I can talk about but I am quite sure that most of it is irrelevant, not that this post will be drastically relevant but yeah....whatever. Eventually I decided that I would talk about my hair, Yes my roots...( feeling quite pleased with myself ..lol).

See my hair has a mind of its own, I mean not to freak myself out or anything but the thing has like its own soul. Sometimes I am even convinced that it is another being.... but we will not talk about my psycho tendencies yet. If you guessed my hair is natural. It has not always been natural but right now it is and lets just say I am comfortable and happy with it.

I am going to be honest on this blog so I will start by talking about the things I like about my hair, and the things I do not like. Yes there are things about my hair that do not exactly make me get up and dance galala.

Things I Do Not Like About My Natural Hair
image source (erm.... this is not really me)
- My hair can be a very very hot mess to de-tangle. When I say hot mess, I mean HOT ASS MESS sometimes I can sit and spend 2 hours trying to de-tangle, this is usually after I take down braids, or twists but yeah...tangle maniac

- My natural hair has turned me into a hair product junkie. I have spent sooo much money trying to figure out which products work with my hair and which ones don't. I guess I can't blame the hair its probably just my own Shopaholic tendencies but yeah..junkie. I mean it got to a point where I couldn't walk into any store without going to the hair product aisle, spending at least 30 minutes there looking at stuff, and then leaving with at least one item. My friends and family members started dreading going to the store with me because I just took my jolly time.  I am slowly getting of my product high but yeah.. I'm just gonna let my hair take the fall for this one
- My natural hair can go from the size of a football to the size of a peanut in minutes.. shrinkage is no joke

- My natural hair some times feels like dry straw..yeah....once again I'd like to blame the hair.
- Sometimes my hair gets very very hard... I mean it is just weird
- My hair has some psycho tendencies of its own. I can use the same hair products, in the same method, 5 times and get 4 different results.. I mean the thing just does whatever it pleases.
- I spend soooo much time on my hair. Whether I am washing it, styling, just doing research, even watching other peoples YouTube videos on hair..and yeah the hours just fly by.

Things I Do Like About My Hair
- There are soo many different types of curls on my head, it constantly surprises me. Some parts of my hair are very tightly curled and I mean like cork screws,  others are like very loose, I mean super loose like almost straight, and yet some parts are like all zig-zaged and confused.... have not quite figured out exactly where what is on my head but its all gravy...who cares where what is anyway
- My hair takes different forms. I mean I can wear it like just curly, or wavy, or straight, big, small... you name it, and yeah that really does it for me
- As much as I spend a lot of time and money trying to figure out my hair, I love learning about my hair. I  like discovering what my hair can or cannot do. I like trying out styles i have seen on other people and then marveling at how similar or dissimilar mine turns out
- I love that I do not have to suffer scalp burns from relaxers any more
- I love that my hair can just do its own thing, sometimes without my permission, but almost like its telling me, I dare you to be different... ( starting to sound crazy talking to my hair but yeah..)
- My hair is beautiful..kinda like this...
 image source (once again not me)
This is not by any chance an exhaustive list of all the things my hair has to offer but yeah Ill take a break. Maybe some of you can relate, and maybe you are just thinking what on earth is this girl talking about but...yup these are my roots, and despite all the dislikes, I really really really do like my hair....

Thanks for reading....


Bella Joya

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