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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Itty Bitty Afro IBA (Part 2 in the afro series)

Next in the Afro series is  IBA the Itty Bitty Afro..
This is probably 5-8 months of growth from a clean shaved head. At this stage you start to see something resembling an afro but not quite. You start to feel like your hair is actually growing, maybe it hangs a little bit off the side or something....

There were a lot of "good lawd!!!! what were you thinking child.......!!!! moments" such as...

This is a mini twist-out.. looks like I have little gummy worms hanging of my head.. fail

This is some kind of flat-twist

I went out looking like this y'all...

Occasionally I did look decent....

My Itty Bitty Afro

Mini twists 

A wash-n-go attempt
First decent 2-day old twist-out..I'm guessing this was me being fierce.. lol

At this stage I was just excited that my hair had grown so much, and I convinced myself that I could finally try all the styles I had seen others try. Some of them turned out good, others not so much. It took me a while but I eventually realized  that maybe.. just maybe I needed to give my hair some more time to grow. 

Is you hair at this Itty Bitty Afro Stage? Have you experienced anything similar?
Do you ever feel like you expect too much from your hair sometimes?
Please share your thoughts and feel free to ask more questions on my Itty Bitty Afro stage

Hope you enjoyed..

Bella Joya


  1. lmao !! i expect too much from my hair ...
    but i need to be very patient

  2. Mee too.... evidence in all my not so fabulous looking hairstyles.. IT takes time though ..just enjoy it as it is now.....