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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Beginning.......

Roots Don't Lie.....

Hello to everyone who at some point in time will come across the blog. So many times I was convinced that writing a blog was a great idea but I was worried that I was doing it for all the wrong reasons. I mean until very recently (and by very recently I mean June 2010) Facebook was the only form of active online presence I had.   I joined twitter and VALAM!!!!! discovered a whole other cyber world that I didn't even know or could ever have imagined existed... Blogs, Tumblr, My !!! I was the least to say overwhelmed. It seemed like everybody had a blog, or something else. So I thought I mean I could have a blog, but.... I talk a lot although not about anything in particular, why would anyone be interested in anything I have to say, I don't just want to do this because everyone else is doing it and so on....

Anyway I have finally gathered up enough courage!!! And I have . . Ahem... Grown a pair, so I am going with it. This blog is going to be about the things that interest me: My hair, food, books, pictures, traveling, questions, and yeah the list goes on and on.
 I must warn you though, I am no poet, or professional writer. I can't come up with deep statements or any thing like that so I'll just keep it simple.

I don't know how long I will keep this going, but I do hope that eventually through this blog I can in some way  put a smile on someones face, encourage someone, help someone, give someone hope, reach out to someone, and then maybe, just maybe I can feel some sort of fulfillment in this life of mine.

Till next time

Bella Joya

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