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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Week in Hair pictures

Hey Guys,

Somehow I found a way to wear my hair in 5 different ways this week. I blame the temperamental weather in Houston!! But it was great wearing my hair out and seeing how much it could change in a short time period. It was also my 3 years since my BC on April 17, 2013, I plan on doing a length check video but otherwise all is well in hair world. I have been trying out a couple of products so stay tuned for product reviews.

I started off leaving for work on Monday with this gorgeous twist out:

2 hours later into my work day.. and it was this puffed up swollen thing.. Thank you Houston.

Before and After
So when I got home that night.. I moisturized my hair, smoothed down with some hair gel and put in two low braids, and wore till Friday night.

Friday night.. I took down the braids, fluffed the heck out of my hair..dealt with some flaking but overall made it work..

Make-up game on point.. yeah?

All the hair gel I used on Monday night, as well as the products I was trying out over the weekend left my hair feeling yucky and nasty so Saturday I did a quick co-wash, and  set my hair in twists.. alas my hair was not dry in time to make it to a Houston Roller Derby game with my friend.. so I threw on a wig.. and took off for the afternoon.

Saturday night twist-out for a friends party was a hit!!! I mean awesome twist-out and hands down the best first day twist-out I have had in ages.. I definitely have to try this again

Alas Saturday nights activities did not allow time to re twist so I pulled my hair up in a puff and headed to a craw-fish boil on Sunday with my co-workers.

I had a great week both in fun activities, and hair week...
Look out for my 3- year length check video, and stay tuned for the April Product Trial Group review.
Bella Joya

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