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Monday, May 6, 2013

Product Trial Group Review: April 2013 Review by Yetunde

Hey Guys,

Here is Miss Yetunde's review of the Oyin Handmade Juices and Berries Leave-in Conditioner.


Review by Miss Yetunde

·         Trials: about 15

·         How I used it:

o   I used this as a daily leave-in conditioner with hopes that it would make my hair softer, detangle it and decrease the amount of hair breakage.  As part of my morning routine, I would spray the product in my dry hair until slightly damp, then run a wide-toothed comb through my hair to detangle.  I then went about my daily business while letting it air dry.

·         Review:

o   On the plus side, the product made my hair smell good enough to eat and it did make it a little softer and easier to detangle each morning.  But to be honest, I achieved this same effect by my own easily made product (water + conditioner + a little olive oil).  This homemade mixture did the exact same thing as the Oyin leave-in without the nice smell, so I personally don’t think it’s worth the $14 I spent on it.  Overall, I was kind of disappointed.

·         Buy again:

o   No

Hope you enjoyed.

Note: For the month of April we will be reviewing the 'As I Am- Coconut Co-Wash' stay tuned for those reviews.


Bella Joya

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