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Monday, February 4, 2013

Product Trail Group: December/January Edition

Hey Guys,

Continuing with out product trial, Here is our review for the month of December, which also kind of extended into January because we all got busy over the holiday period.
Here is a review of the TRESemme Conditioner line done by Tsme.

Product Review: TRESemme Hair Conditioner (Moisture Rich)
Price: $3.99 to $5.99

Trail Period: This product was tested for over two months

Hair type: My hair is natural, and is also colored at the tips. Due to the color, my ends are usually dry, and require a lot of moisture to keep it from breaking. Most of the products I get are geared towards repairing my hair. I have tried out other types of TRESsemme conditioners but I never got the same result I did with this particular one (Luxurious Moisture; for dry/damaged hair)

How I used it:
- For Deep conditioning
- For Co-wash
- For De-tangling

- Locks in the moisture in my hair
- Not too thick
- Inexpensive
- Leaves my hair really soft

- Did not help retain the color I had

Ratings: 4 out 5 stars

Will definitely buy again




  1. Please can we get that review of the curly weave, Please :)

    1. I will get a review done as soon as possible. I want to try it out one more time before giving my final review..

  2. Did you combine it with something else when using it as a deep conditioner? I might try the Tresemme range here (though I think it's slightly different than it is in the States) mainly because it is inexpensive! I saw a new hairdresser who seemed to really know my hair and basically conditioner is my new best friend lol.

    Love the review :)

    1. Hey Vickii to use this as a deep conditioner i just mix it with Olive oil, or sweet almond oil and honey. It leaves my hair feeling moisturized and very soft. Let me know if it works with your hair

  3. Can you mix the conditioner with coconut oil and honey as a deep conditioner? x

    1. Hey Tunrayo, you can mix it with coconut oil and honey and use as a deep conditioner. Most regular conditioners can be turned into a deep conditioner using thigns like oils and honey. i hope that helps

  4. Thank you :)Btw, what do you use to moisturise your scalp?