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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Protective Style Basics: Keeping Your Hair Moisturized

Hey Guys,

Protective Styling: This simply refers to any method taken to reduce hair manipulation. This is achieved by putting the hair in styles such as buns, braids, twists, and other variations. The idea behind protective styling is that the less you manipulate your hair, the lesser chance of it getting ripped, breaking, or being exposed to harsh weather.

I decided to put my hair in braids mostly because it is now cold, and the cold weather is not kind on natural hair. I am also on a sort of protective hair challenge this year to see if protective styling will help me retain more length. I have had my braids in for about a month now and I take a few basic steps to keep my hair moisturized.

I do these steps about twice a week.

Tools Needed:
  • A spray bottle with water (you can mix any other moisturizers such as Aloe Vera juice, or a light leave in conditioner)
  • Eden Body Works Jojoba Monoi Oil (you can also use coconut oil or olive oil)
  • Castor Oil

  • Using the spray bottle go over your hair and lightly spritz each section of hair with water ( I usually spray from my roots to where I think my hair stops. I usually don't bother spraying the entire lenght of hair because that would be a waste of water)
  • Allow the water penetrate your strands for about a minute
  • Go over your hair and spray with the light oil so as to seal in the moisture from the water.
  • You can also rub the oil in between your palms and smooth down the lenght of your braids, if your oil doesn't come in a spray bottle.
  • I go over my edges with a little bit of Castor oil (not too much this oil is very thick).
  • I use the Castor oil because it is supposed to help your edges, my braids were done thick at the roots and as a result a lot of the hair on the front of my hair has pulled out.. :( I know sad but now I know what to watch out for next time I get braids installed.)
  • At this point I put my braids in a bun and allow it to dry
You can use the Castor oil on your edges every night, or whenever you want.

I hope this was helpful. If anyone would like to see either a picture or video tutorial please leave a comment below and ill try to get that done.


Bella Joya


  1. Really helpful! My twa is beginning to get a lot of tangles so I think I should be leaning towards protective styling.

    I have a question-
    Did you do braids when your hair was shorter? My hair is about 2-4 inches long and I'd like to do big braids but I'm afraid they won't be able to hold up.

    1. Hey Ekene,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and protective styling can help with tangle. I did do braids when my hair was a lot shorter.For the most part my hair stayed intact, i mostly did kinky twists, and the occasional braid. Off course with your hair being short you should expect some of the hair to come loose but not too much . I think the hair will hold up fine, you just have to make sure you take care of your hair properly while in braids and also when you do take it out