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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My current Hair Regimen

Hey Guys,

I have been doing pretty much the same thing with my hair for a couple of months now and although my regimen is not perfect I am comfortable enough to share it and off course I'll tweak it as time goes on.
Please refer to my previous post on Products I Currently Use

  1. I shampoo my hair, with any shampoo I feel like,  about every 2 weeks. I used to shampoo more often in the summer but as its getting cold I find my hair does not get dirty or itchy as during the summer. I am not very picky with my shampoo I find they basically all do the same thing so yeah no magic potion shampoo out there. lol.
  2. After each wash I deep condition with any deep conditioner of choice. I used to deep condition for at least 5 hours or just overnight, but lately I just deep condition for about 2 hours because I don't have as much time. I will try to deep condition more often since my hair is now colored.
  3. I usually de-tangle after deep conditioning because at this point my hair is very moisturized and all the knots just melt away. 
  4. After deep conditioning I put my hair in twists so they can air dry, and this helps to prepare my hair for whatever style I intend to wear my hair in
  5. Depending on how much time I anticipate having to spend on my hair, or the mood I'm in, I either put my hair in mini twists which I wear for about a month, or wear a puff, up-do, or bun till the next wash day.
Sometimes I feel my hair needs moisture and so midweek I de-tangle, re-moisturize my hair and put back in twists. I find myself also trying more up-do's because my hair is a lot longer and I can do more with it. I still dislike bobby pins but till I find an alternative I will wave my white flag of surrender. I hope to try out more products, but at the same time I find myself buying less products because simply, the ones I have already work.

However I am open to doing more product reviews so if you have heard of any good products let me know so I can try them out.

Hopefully this is simple and explanatory enough. If anyone will like a pictorial tutorial on any of the steps mentioned above please feel free to leave a comment and I will work on those.

Thanks for reading


Bella Joya

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