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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Salon Experience

Hey Guys,

So from the last blog post I mentioned I wanted to change things up with my hair.. so after the blowout.. I did not do much to preserve it and by the next day it looked like a wretched mop. I tamed it down in a bun on my night out with my girls...

I got motivated and I needed a trim, and I decided to dye my hair.  My girl Alex over at the good hair blog had her hair done at Aveda so I decided to try the one here in Houston. I had not been to a salon in over 5 years (my big chop doesn't count because all I did was get a hair cut), so I was super nervous.. but it ended up being a good experience.

Ill let the pictures tell you the story



Trimmed and all good

Alas my hair frizzed up faster than I could say Jack!!

Frizz galore

I tried to salvage the hair by using some flexi rods to set my hair..

I like the bouncy curls I got from the flexi rods!!!! And the body!!! is amazing !!!!.
Next stop!! Colored hair

Bella Joya

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