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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Havana Twists

Hey Guys,

I decided to try out the Havana Twists on my hair to give it a 2 week break. I used 3 and a half packs of 'Femi Marley Braiding Hair'. I got this from my local beauty supply store, about $5 a pack. 

I parted big sections, and used about 3 strands of hair per each part. I like the way it turned out and it was fairly easy to do. It took me about 4hours in total and I rolled the ends in perm rod and dipped in hot water. 


Stay tuned for pictures from my vacation in Cozumel, Mexico
Bella Joya


  1. Hello,do you detangle your hair when you retwist your twist outs? I've never done a twist out and I want to start. I think I shed a lot of hair when I detangle. Is there anything you can recommend to prevent shedding a lot of hair?

    1. I usually only detangle once, which is when I wash, right before i twist. I suggest when you detangle do it when your hair is wet, with a conditioner that has slip, and also use a wide tooth comb and be gentle with your hair. Also you should note that hair is contantly shedding, and this is normal you just want to make sure its shed hair and not broken

  2. Hola! Do you know anyone who does havana twists at a reasonable price? I want to put them in for about 3 weeks so don't want to pay too much for it... and I honestly don't have the patience/skill to do my hair myself!

    1. Hey Yetunde,

      I actually have a friend who does them check out her Instagram page @itsmissnay.. She has decent prices and does a good job