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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Natural Hair Styling Gone Wrong

Hey Guys,

A few weeks back I decided to try African threading to stretch out my hair. I had seen This video that showed a successful tutorial on it so I thought 'it looks easy enough ill try it out'.

So I washed my hair, applied leave-in conditioner and then proceeded to thread. I went about my business for the day and let the hair dry. The next day I took it out and let me just tell you disaster.
My hair was stretched but it was also dry, brittle, and cracked.

Then in my infinite wisdom i decided to comb out my hair.. Can you say disaster part 2. By  time time I was done half of my hair was in broken little pieces all over my clothes and in my comb. I had a big dry cracked fro.. it was quite sad but i still found time to take pictures for your entertainment .lol

My puff would have been huge though..

What I should have done was just re-moisturize my hair and accept defeat but I did not want to waste the stretched out hair so after combing I pinned the hair back till I had time later that week.

Lesson Learned: It is critical to seal in moisture after washing your hair otherwise you end up with cracked dry hair. I may also consider threading with rubber instead of cotton thread.


Bella Joya


  1. Yuuuup the cotton was a bad idea, cotton absorbs moisture. Pele

    1. Yeah lesson learned. Next time i try it I shall use rubber although.. the video i watched, the lady used cotton thread and did not have any issues with tangling.

    2. where can you find rubber thread?

  2. i tried threading with rubber, nd my hair came out stretched, soft and very easy to comb....
    you are totally my hair crush

    1. Thanks a lot Yeva, and I am very flattered you consider me a hair crush. Thanks for commenting and please leave any questions or comments you may have