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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Take 2 on the Carols Daughter Hair Milk Line

Hey Guys,

After day 3 of the first take on this line my hair felt super greasy and I was ready to wash it out.
I thought all the greasiness was from the hair oil I used to take down my twist so I decided to co-wash my hair, and try the products again.
I co-washed using suave naturals coconut conditioner, I used both the leave-in conditioner and the styling cream. By the time I was done I realized that my hair was greasy. I think the leave-in conditioner is the culprit. I am quite heavy handed with products and after taking a second look at the ingredients i realized that the product is full of lots of oils (good oils) and that probably where all that grease was from...oops.

I only set my twist overnight and i took down the next morning.
Here are the results.

The next time I try this line, I will use my regular curl junkie leave-in conditioner, and the curl pudding so that way I can be certain the greasiness is from the leave-in conditioner.
Have any of you tried out this product line? if so what was your experience with it like?


Bella Joya


  1. maybe i havent been fair to carols daughter...but i never liked the original hair butter and some other thing i tried, so I havent even glanced at the new line...Looking forward to your next try.

    1. OMG!!!!! @addicted2Etsy commented on my blog!!!!!! I am having a bloggers crush right now!!!
      but Thanks so much i love your blog and you are soooo beautiful!!!
      I am definitely going to have a few more tries with the carols daughters line