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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hair Dilemma

Hey Guys,

Lately I have been wanting really really bad to straighten my hair. I don't know why but I am ready for a different look. I am kind of tired of the protective styles, and even though I really enjoy the look of the bun,  (thank goodness :) my hair can finally make a bun ...) I am ready for a new look.
I don't want to deal with my hair at all, guess I am in a 'hair rut'. I could try to get braids or a weave but they both make my head itch, a lot, and I am super tender headed, I cannot imagine the pain  from the first couple of days, and then knowing it will start itching almost immediately... urrr..

So yes back to the topic at hand, I want to straighten my hair. I could:

  1.  straighten my hair with a flat iron.. but
    •  I am scared to death of heat damage.
    •  I know a professional should do it.. but its expensive, and
    •  I have been doing my hair myself for over a year now, and I have heard stories of professionals who messed up natural hair. so I am a bit icky on the subject
    • My  stylists that cuts my hair is all the way in Dallas...whomp!!! whomp!!!.. :(
    • My second alternative is to do a roller set. I am less likely to get heat damage, and I
  2.  Do a roller set...
    • I am less likely to get heat damage
    • I don't have a hooded dryer so dry time is going to be forever and a day
    • I may not get my roots to straighten properly and then it will just be a big waste of time
    • My hair is super is super coily, and the ringlets are small.. I doubt a roller set is enough to straighten it
Anyway, I think I will go with a roller set, to at least try and see what my hair looks like straightened. It has been a while since my hair was straight.. and frankly I hope it's not in that weird length stage.. in which case I would be an unhappy camper.

Just thought to give you guys an update on what I have been up to. 

My hair has been in this same bun since Monday, and it will probably stay there the rest of the week.
I know amazing because I just put on my satin bonnet, go to bed, wake up and go so so good.

Hope you guys enjoyed my mini update please share your thoughts on me straightening my hair, and leave comment, questions and suggestions.


Bella Joya

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