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Monday, August 29, 2011


Hey guys,

I know I have been away for a while, and honestly I'll be MIA for a few more weeks. Work is really busy and all the time I have left, which is not a lot, is spent sleeping or trying to study... Anyway  with things busy at work, I got tired of fixing my hair everyday, and my hair was starting to get crazy... I mean my ends were just ..meh!!!, and my hair felt really dry. Also I have been getting a ton of product build up and my scalp is itching more then ever.... I know things don't seem to be going well with my hair.. it's probably because I have not had time to spend on my hair..

So my solution to all my hair problems...

You guessed it, protective style. I put my hair in mini twists and I know that when I do take it out, de-tangling is going to be horrible but, the smaller  my twists, the longer they last.. and I do need as much time as I can get out of them.

The problem however, are these necessary evils called Bobby pins/ Hair pins. My hair is not long enough to be twisted into a self  'sustaining' updo, so I am forced to use bobby pins/ hair pins to hold them into whatever style I am wearing.. Bobby pins/ hair pins, however can be the most annoying thing ever...
 By the end of the day:
  • My scalp is sore because the pins need to hold my hair in place and I am very tender-headed
  • My hair is itching because the darn pins start flaking and they leave behind pieces of whatever is used to coat them in my hair
  • If they don't flake, the rounded ends somehow get separated from the ends, and so when removing them my hair gets stuck on the ends.
Do you guys find bobby pins/ hair pins as annoying as I do?
Do you also know any alternatives I can use to hold up my hair instead of using pins?

I love hearing from y'all so please leave your comments..


Bella Joya

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