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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Hey Guys,

I have worn my hair in various extensions styles here are a few helpful tips for maintaining your hair while it's in extensions

Havana Twists

Crotchet Braids

Curly sew-in

Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo Box Braids


·         Make sure your hair has been thoroughly cleansed, deep conditioned and stretched out before installing the extensions

·         Braids/twists/cornrows should be firm but not too tight.

·         Try not to braid every single strand of hair around the perimeter of your head (the hair here is usually delicate, and can be ripped easily)

·         Stretched hair gives a smoother finish, you can either air dry using 2 strand twists/dookie braids or blow dry

·         While braiding or twisting avoid using any thick or heavy products as this may lead to build up



·         Moisturize at least once a week with water, a light leave-in and seal with a light  oil such as grape seed or sweet almond oil

·         Scalp massages are great, use a mix of a light oil such as coconut, and a few drops of peppermint or tea tree essential oil.

·         Apply witch hazel to a cotton ball, and use to lightly clean the scalp if you don’t plan on washing your hair while you have extensions in

·         You may consider washing the extensions if you plan on keeping them in for a long period of time, just be sure to moisturize and seal.

·         Avoid leaving in braids for longer than 6 weeks.

·         If the edges get fuzzy you can easily re-twist so the hair looks neat the entire time you have them in


The Take down

·         Take down the extensions and lightly finger de-tangle each section making sure fingers are coated with a light oil such as coconut oil.

·         Once all the braids have been taken down, part of the hair into workable sections, spritz with some water, apply a conditioner with a lot of slip, and de-tangle each section either using your fingers or a comb. Twist up each de-tangled section so it stays stretched and you avoid further tangles.

·         Only wash your hair after it had been thoroughly de-tangled. DO NOT SHAMPOO WITHOUT DE-TANGLING FIRST

·         Be sure to follow up with a deep condition.

Hope this comes in handy
Bella Joya

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  1. Wow!! Nice hair style. My hair is also like your's. Curly but I had dull. Now my hair is also very cool. I will send you my pictures.

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