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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Product Review: Catherine Marion Wig

Hey Guys,

I have been wanting to try out a curly sew in for like forever and I finally found one I liked. Abby over from one of my favorite blogs Abby's World launched her shop Catherine Marion and after seeing various posts on her blog featuring some of her products I knew I had to try it out. Abby is also natural and it looked like the hair blended perfectly so I went ahead and bought myself a curly wig. I decided to go with a wig because I can take it off every night as opposed to a weave which I have to keep in for a while. I also have very sensitive scalp so I wanted to be sure I wont re-act to the hair in any way.

I purchased the 12-14 inches of the Boho wig, with a left part.

Here is the information provided on the website about this wig:


Made with Bohyme Brazilian Hair, the Boho Wig is a dynamic style for long lasting, curly hair. This style is a natural curl that is soft and very manageable. It arrives with a soft curl but when wet, it becomes an even deeper curl texture. The light texture of the Brazilian Wave is a dream to wear and maintain. Sewn on an open weft cap with straps in back for a natural comfortable fit and great manageability. You do need to maintain it by shampooing and conditioning, using a leave-in conditioner to maintain long lasting curls is HIGHLY recommended. Styling and maintenance is required to reap the many benefits of this Brazilian hair.  
Warning: hair is naturally curly, you may experience difficulty with maintaining this wig straight. If you intend to keep this wig straight we suggest you purchase our Jessica or Jessy hair instead which is made with our kinky straight hair.

My Experience

I absolutely love this wig. At first when I opened the box I was a bit skeptical because the wig looked like it was not going to be full but it came in this cute pink box and in a hair net (I'm not sure if that's what its called though)

I eventually got the hang of it and because I knew I wanted to wear it curly, the night before I wore it, I wet the hair with a refreshing spray from carols daughter and it looked like this when it was wet:

I then put in some twists and let it dry overnight

On my leave out I tried twists, a braid, a Bantu knot, and eventually I used a flex rod on my leave out and it blended perfectly.

I was even able to go 2 weeks on a twist out set without any trouble.

On other days I wore a head band because I did not want to bother with blending my leave-out everyday.

There was little shedding when I re-wet and set my twists but that's normal. I experienced very very little shedding otherwise ( and by little shedding I mean when my wrist watch got caught on my hair)

The only thing I did not like is that in the back, close to my neck the hair does get a bit matted, but I imagine this is because it rubs up on my neck and back all day but once I de-tangled it was as good as new.

I wore this weave for a total of four weeks and I loved it. I got a lot of complements and a lot of people just assumed it was my real hair.


  • Easy and convenient to use
  • The hair is very soft and has a lot of body and movement
  • Very little shedding
  • I did not experience any itching
  • It blended very well with my natural hair
  • It does not look or feel like a wig
  • I experienced some tangling in the back

Overall I had a great experience with this product and I definitely look forward to more wears and possible another future purchase (maybe a weave this time).

Visit their website at www.catherinemarion.com and check out their various selections.


Bella Joya


  1. I want this wig!! I hope to buy it in the near future. Looked great on you!!

  2. 1) I want your abs-what's your secret?
    2) I've been wanting to buy this wig-so thank God you did a review on it. Thanks so much for your honesty. I was wondering, if the hair was silky or more "kinky." Also, I was wondering about the closure of the wig. I am worried about it looking, well, "wiggy." Would you please mind taking photos of it. I'm still in college and natural and need a good protective style and think this may be it, but I want to be 100% sure.

    Thanks so much sis

    1. Hey Akpknuako thanks girl and as for abs i do work out, run and eat healthy.. hope that helps :)
      The hair was more silky thank kinky and Im not sure how to explain if what you mean by wiggy. This is my first wig so im not all too familiar with what wiggy looks like but ill definitely take some pictures.
      You mentioned still being in college and just a quick note the wig is a bit pricey and just FYI protective style wise you can try crotchet braids, regular braids, yarn braids, and even a curly weave. This is a huge investment so dont go broke trying to look cute ok girl.

  3. Hey Bella-thanks so much for your reply. I wanted a kinkier texture, I have 4b African hair and I know silky will NOT blend. I currently have been wearing braids, for nearly 2 years- roughly 4-5 installs a year (get it rebraided every 3 months) but I need a new look for winter. The price of the braids at the shop aren't cheap, so I was thinking this wig could=2x install of braids and last me a whole lot longer. Pretty much an investment...
    I've been trying to up my fitness, it's up and down. Do you recommend any ab exercises....I need this flab GONE.

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Akpknuako my hair is also 4b/4c African hair if i say so and despite the wig being silky i think i was still able to blend it well. Before you deicde just do your research and search for other sites with similar wigs so you get the best for your money. For fitness I currently use an app called Nike Training that provides a bunch fo exercies. you can even do 15 minute workouts to target specific body parts, and to monitor my running i use either MapMYRun app or Edomondo .

  4. Thank you so much! You have been so helpful :)

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