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Monday, May 21, 2012

Modified Wash-n-go

Hey Guys,

This past weekend, I did a modified wash-n-go.

Products/Tool Used.
  • Leave-in conditioner mix
  • Curl Junkie 'Curls in a bottle"
  • Modified Denman
  • Small tooth comb
  • I started out on freshly co-washed hair.
  • I parted my hair into about 5 sections so they were easier to handle
  • Then starting work on each section, I split the hair into smaller sections, saturated with my leave-in mix, and then combed through with a small tooth comb.
  • I then applied/worked in the hair gel in each section, and used my Denman to help the clumping.
  • Then I twisted each section.

I took it down the next day.. and these are the results.

Day 2 Hair

Last Words

The curl definition was amazing.. It did however feel a little tacky and sticky when I took the Hair down, it probably has something to do with the hair gel. I also wish I had more hang time, but I'm getting used to the fact that my hair texture may just not have the hang time I am looking for.

Next Time I may try to use a thicker leave-in conditioner and then maybe remember to seal with an oil.


Bella Joya

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